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I AM the I Am that I Am

--A Mantra from Cosmic Awareness

Welcome to the Website of Will Berlinghof, the Voice of Cosmic Awareness

      Here you will find information from Cosmic Awareness relevant to these times.


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It is our intent and purpose to offer some free messages from Cosmic Awareness to give the flavor of Cosmic Awareness’s channelings for the transformative journey of humanity as we move forward, both personally and collectively.

For those who are interested in a more personal and extensive interaction with Cosmic Awareness and the Rainbow Phoenix organization, please click here for more information. For those who are just casually interested in the messages of Cosmic Awareness, we hope that what you read on the public pages will be of assistance to you.


If you are wanting help with personal issues, please remember that Will has many years experience as a counselor.  For confidential assistance with issues concerning all aspects of living, including past/other life experiences, addictions, ritual abuse, marriage and other relationships,  please contact Will by email .

                                                                      Namaste, Will and Callista


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"Every time we experience the truth and live that truth, then we gain freedom." -Will Berlinghof


"A satisfaction with the status quo is what maintains the imprisonment for most people." -Will Berlinghof


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Cosmic Awareness has given Its forecast for 2016!  Please scroll down to the first video on this page for the overview of 2016!


Rainbow-Phoenix is offering Trinary Regression Therapy through Will Berlinghof. It will help you to bring your Low Self onboard, working with your High Self to unite the three parts of one’s whole Being.  Operating from the position of a Triunal Being one can then address all manners of issues, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.  It also provides the means to access one’s multi-dimensional nature as well as the capacity to work with past or other life matters that one may have brought into this focus life.  (See more info further down this page).



We are fortunate to have Will Berlinghof, the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, available for counseling and personal sessions. See our Readings page and save $150 off your first reading as a new member!


Trinary Expressons with Will and Callista Hosted by Bibi Tinsley  (For latest chats please see our Media page)

Part 1

Part 2

Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 2016


Reverend Callista Summerfield

Minister of Health



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Trinary  Regression Therapy

What is it and how can it help me?



What is it?

Trinary Regression Therapy is a successful regression technique developed by Will Berlinghof.


 Why is it called “Trinary”?

TRT works with all three aspects of your Self, enabling integration and empowerment.


 How is it different from other techniques?

TRT opens up the spiritual aspect of one’s nature, thus giving access to the superconscious element of one’s Being.  This allows the consciousness to blend with both the superconscious and the subconscious.


 Do I have to be hypnotised?

No – this technique requires you to be fully conscious throughout.


 How long is a session?

Normally sessions last two hours.


 How many sessions do I need?

It varies from person to person.  It is suggested three sessions will be most helpful, and this can be determined after the first session.  Some people will require more sessions.


 Do I have to travel to attend the sessions?

No – all sessions take place over the telephone or skype, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


How much does it cost?

Initial Session is US$207 for Rainbow Phoenix members.






Initial Session for non-members is US$307






If you need further sessions, they will be US$153 each (members)






Additional Sessions for non-members is US$200 each







For those with financial restraints, Will can negotiate a fee to suit your budget.


How can I get a session?


Email Will -


~Testimonials for Trinary Regression Therapy~


Cosmic Awareness, in a recent answer to a member, says:


…it is not about  a technological future, it is about a spiritual future, which the Archons cannot understand, the AI cannot understand, and herein is their Achilles Heel, herein lies the greatest weakness, for on that plane of binary location, dualistic manifestation on a third dimensional reality that they have an edge at this time, or so it would seem, but they are totally unaware and incapable of understanding the third element, that which will move the binary to a trinary system for humanity.


That this is the connection to Spirit and the activation of the Higher Spiritual strands of consciousness that are available to human beings, who choose to seek this and find this. Therefore, the future is truly a spiritual evolution and not a technological one. “



Here is what another member says, after her fourth TRT session:


Will is truly a blessing to all of us who work with him. His guidance and insight is amazing! I am so grateful for all of his help and support and I’m still integrating last night’s session which went so deep “down the rabbit hole” … M.A.









The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole, and also no attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul, and therefore if the head or body are to be well, you must begin by curing the mind: that is the first thing...for this is the error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that the physicians separate the soul from the body. 


Plato - Chronicles

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